You are not a sheep at your wedding, so don't allow yourself to be forced to choose your wedding menu from a set menu devised by a caterer or have to pick from some list. At Kemp & Kemp catering we don't have set menus, we don't even have lists you have to choose from - HOW CAN WE DO THIS? - its because we make everything from scratch - ourselves, and don't rely on other suppliers. So if you want a entirely meat-free menu that will knock the socks of life-long carnivores, or crave food with a special twist to reflect your background we LOVE to work with you to create your own unique menu that'll wow all your guests.

Our wedding food is always fresh, stunningly presented and actually tastes of something - revolutionary ehh?

We don't charge any corkage whatsoever (never have, don't 'get it' at all), but as we're there anyway, we'll pour your daytime drinks for no extra charges.

Available For

Wedding Receptions