My style of wedding photography could be described as documentary or reportage wedding photography. Telling the story of your wedding through the use of relaxed, candid photographs. I capture that split second, fun-filled moment that so often can go unnoticed throughout the day. The moments of nervous laughter, the raw emotion and the small details that make your wedding day what it is. I aim to blend in with your guests as much as possible and am definitely not a shouty shouty photographer. When it comes time to photograph any group shots you are having I aim to get these done as quickly as possible.

When photographing your wedding, my goal is to tell a story with just a single image. Each image I take is carefully thought out and planned. I do not just go around randomly snapping everything that moves, but carefully consider light and composition with each shot. This ensures each shot has a strong story telling element to it.

Available For

Engagement Parties
Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Receptions